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Afghanistan after democracy: the untold story through photographic images" is the story of suffering of the Afghan people. This book exposes the lies of the Bush administration about the post-Taliban Afghanistan, and the disaster brought upon Afghanistan by the United States of America and her allies. It exposes democracy as the buzz word for the neocolonial adventure of the US. The claims of reconstruction in Afghanistan is nothing but a total fraud.

It exposes the failure of the US government at all levels in Afghanistan. Finally, it exposes the genocide committed by the US government through the use of uranium weapons and the consequences of these weapons of mass destruction particularly congenital deformities.

Large percentage of the earning from this book would be spent toward projects in Afghanistan. Particularly, my hope is to build a hospital with an adjacent research facility.


The Appeal of Afghan Families & Orphans to the people of the United States of America

The followings are a number of quotations of Afghan families appealing to whoever can hear their voice and render assistance to them. These families have lost family members to the US bombing and some of the orphans lost both of their parents. My volunteers in Afghanistan collected a number of appeals from different areas of Afghanistan with the aim to raise awareness and seek assistance for them. I though you the readers might be interested in reading what these families had to say about their miserable situations. If anyone is interested to help them financially they can do so by contributing on our website www.afghanistanafterdemocracy.com Every red cent will be delivered to them.

Family one from Kabul: this family has lost three members to the US bombing in 2001:

"my name is Bibi Gul. I lost my husband, my son and a daughter when the Americans bombed us. When I lost my house to the bombing I started to live in a tent where my other son died from pneumonia. Now my daughter and son and I live in a garage. At night, the cold makes sleep unbearable and all of us try to hug each other and curl up under a thin comforter. Had it not been for the US bombing I would still have my house and my husband and children. After the bombing we asked for compensation, only to be kicked and ignored." She continued when asked what she wanted to say to the American people, "the Americans are people like us, they must have daughters and sons and husbands. How would they feel if they lost family members and face death every cold night. I don’t think the Americans would care after all their government did not even acknowledge us as human beings."


Family two from Jalalabad: this family lost five family members to the US bombing in 2002:

" my name is Sharifa. I lost my husband, three sons and my brother to the US bombing. My newborn became deaf due to the US bombing. When the Americans started bombing us, my newborn started to bleed from his ears. I thought he might die but he survived. Now, he is five years old, he can not speak because he can not hear." She replied the following when asked what message she had for the American people: " I lost my family and my house and my three other children and I suffer daily from cold, hunger and homelessness thanks to you. I do not know how Americans live but I assume they have children and like to live. They made us miserable and ruined us forever. Their soldiers make fun of us when we ask them to pay us compensation for our house their bombs destroyed. If they are like your soldiers, my message would not matter."

A man from Kunar in Eastern Afghanistan: this man lost ever member of his family in 2006.

"my name is Abdul Karim. I lost every member of my immediate family. I lost my wife and five children. The American bombers destroyed my house completely. The Americans reported that they killed large number of insurgents when in reality they killed civilians. After the bombing I have developed breathing problems. I went to local government hospital and the doctors said to get medical care for which I have to go to Pakistan, how could I go to Pakistan for medical care when I can not afford three meals a day. I really do not feel like living any longer. The Americans have taken everything from me and I will never forgive them for their crimes against my family." He said the following when asked what message he had to the American people: "what can I say to people who applaud their airmen and soldiers when they killed my family members. I am tired and very emotional, please do not ask me any more."

An orphan girl: this child lost her father to the US bombing. This girl is from Maidan Province located 20 KM southwest from Kabul.

"The Americans killed my father. My father went to Kabul to get medicine for my brother who had pneumonia. When the Americans bombed, my father was killed. He did not return to bring medicine for my brother. So my brother who had pneumonia also died." This young girl said the following when asked if she had any message to the American public: "do American children love their fathers? I miss my father very much. Every night I cry and my mother tells not to cry because my father is in paradise, but I still miss him. I don’t like the Americans."

She, her mother, and her siblings live in abject poverty.

Two orphans, brother and sister: they lost both parents to the US bombing and lost their siblings to organized crime that prey on children for their bodily organs and other illicit purposes.

"we lost our parents when the Americans bombed our house. My relatives were killed too. Last year, we lost two young brothers and a sister. People say the criminals kidnapped them for selling their hearts [organs]." They said the following when asked if she had any message to the American people, "Americans killed my parents. If they had not bombed our house, our parents would be alive and my brothers and sister would be alive. Our neighbor let us sleep in their house for the winter. When summer comes, I don’t know if they would let us stay there any longer."

These children are urban refugees after they lost homes and family members to the US bombing in villages.

This is a sample of Afghan families in dire need for winter supplies, food and medicine. If anyone likes to donate to these families, they can do so by donating at the following website www.afghanistanafterdemocracy.com My volunteers would deliver needed supplies to them.

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