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The October 27 demonstrations represented another important step forward for the anti-war movement in the United States.


Oct 27 SF 2Over 100,000 people took to the streets in coordinated regional and local protests to demand an immediate end to the war in Iraq. The October 27 demonstrations took place just six weeks after the September 15 National March and Die-In in Washington, D.C. that was led by Iraq War Veterans and family members of soldiers and marines.


We have included below a brief summary from some of the events that took place yesterday, along with Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle and San Francisco television coverage. (San Francisco march of 30,000 pictured here.)


57355.jpgAnti-war sentiment is growing. The demonstrations yesterday, like the September 15 March on Washington, were noteworthy for the large number of young people - students and young workers - who are joining the front ranks of the anti-war movement in the United States. The Arab American and Muslim community was well represented. The participation of Iraq War Veterans and their families continues to grow. The energy and spirit of the demonstration is an indicator that the people of this country are fed up with the criminal war and occupation of Iraq.


Everyday, the corporate-dominated media tries to convince people that the anti-war movement is shrinking. That is a lie, as you can see from the reports below. The same media lies to the people about the so-called progress made by the “surge” in Iraq. The truth is that the U.S. military occupation of Iraq cannot succeed. The Iraqi people insist on their right to determine their own destiny. The people of the United States, who have no voice in either the Republican or Democratic Parties or in the big business media, are determined to find a way to end the war, which has taken hundreds of thousands of lives and costs $3 billion each week.


57356.jpgThe ANSWER Coalition, UFPJ and hundreds of other groups organized for the October 27 protests. What is needed now is to intensify the mass organization of the people. As it was in Vietnam, it will be the people, not the politicians, who will bring this imperialist war to an end. Check the ANSWER Coalition website for regular updates and reports on future steps for the anti-war movement.


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