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Watch the Explosive Dan Rather Reports Episode "The Trouble with Touch Screens"


Dan Rather Reports presents conclusive evidence of the failure of touch screen voting machines across the country. The episode, "The Trouble with Touch Screens", is an entire hour devoted to new information on this story. From scientists involved in testing the equipment, to manufacturers in third world countries who shipped these defective voting machines to the United States, Dan Rather Reports presents new information showing that these defective machines may have altered the outcome of multiple elections.


Download transcripts and documents from "The Trouble with Touch Screens".


Over 750 people gather in Sarasota's Bayfront Park December 3, 2006 to call for a Revote in the hotly contested District 13 Congressional Race between Vern Buchanan and Christine Jennings.

18,412 votes disappeared in Sarasota County, giving Republican candidate Vern Buchanan the victory with a slim 369 vote margin. State officials, who certified the five-million dollar software, insist "there is no evidence" that ES&S's iVotronic machines malfunctioned on Election Day. Yet hundreds of voters, both Republican and Democrat, reported having numerous problems casting their ballots on November 7th.

The success of lawsuits demanding a revote and access to the source code of the iVotronic touch screen voting machines could be precedent setting for the rest of the nation. All concerned citizens should write Nancy Pelosi, the House Administration Committee members and the entire Florida congressional delegation immediately to urge the House NOT to seat Vern Buchanan (or to seat him CONDITIONALLY only) on January 4th. If he is seated, it will nullify the lawsuits in progress that could provide both the revote and needed access to the source code of the iVotronics. All states using paperless Direct Record Electronic voting machines need these lawsuits to succeed.

The Revote Rally was sponsored by Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections (SAFE), Voter Action, Florida Fair Elections Coalition, People For the American Way Foundation, Common Cause, and the ACLU of Florida, together with other nonpartisan groups including VoteTrustUSA, the Electric Frontier Foundation, the Voting Integrity Alliance of Tampa Bay, the Broward Election Reform Coalition, the Miami-Dade Election Reform Coalition, and the Sarasota County NAACP.

Sarasota REVOTE Rally, 2006 They Lost My Vote"  


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