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Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price is the documentary film sensation that's changing the largest company on earth. The film features the deeply personal stories and everyday lives of families and communities struggling to survive in a Wal-Mart world. It's an emotional journey that will challenge the way you think, feel... and shop.


Released simultaneously in theaters and DVD in November 2005, the film has been seen by millions worldwide. Families, churches, schools, and small busineses owners have screened the film over 10,000 times and the world is taking notice. See the film, share it, and become part of the movement forcing companies to act responsibly.




About the film, and various reviews
People and facts in the film
Wal-Mart corporate's reaction (not happy)

Stop Wal-Mart! activist groups and resources
Press Kit: graphics, photos, press releases
Help us: volunteer your skills as field producer

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