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Richter, l'insoumis
("Richter the Enigma")
directed by Bruno Monsaingeon, France, 1998.

The film about the incomparable Russian pianist Sviatoslav Richter is an experience for all, who have been deeply affected by this man's art. Richter was often called "the best pianist in the world" - and not just by the press, but by many leading pianists themselves. This film contains treasures of archival footage of Richter in recitals, his own recollections of his long and fascinating life and the on-camera interviews given just before his death. The film is very well-made, balancing as it does Richter's voice-over narration with historical footage of many events in the Soviet Union - among them, Stalin's funeral. It is incredible to follow the life of one human being, who rises to world prominence out of the circumstances, which made his very survival questionable and to sense in all of it the Guidance of a Higher Power. The Guidance, which is available to every human being, but which is simply more noticeable in Richter's case (http://www.cinemaseekers.com/Richter.html).

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