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Genetic Engineering:
Dream or Nightmare?
The Brave New World
of Bad Science
and Big Business


By Dr. Mae-Wan Ho


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This book became an international bestseller soon after it first appeared in 1998, followed by a second edition in 1999. It has been translated into ten languages, the latest, Indonesian, will be published next year. It is widely acknowledged as providing the most sustained and reasoned challenge to many of the scientific assumptions underlying genetic engineering.


Dr. Ho hits out against transgenic foods, which have the potential to be toxic or allergenic, to create new infectious disease agents and to cause cancer; monoculture - a major cause of malnutrition world-wide; cloning - a scientifically flawed and morally unjustified process; the large-scale release of transgenic organisms, which she describes as "much worse than nuclear weapons as a means of mass destruction - as genes can replicate indefinitely, spread and recombine".


The social and political implications of big business taking over science are also examined, with the author calling for a halt to commercialisation and for an independent public enquiry into the hazards involved.


Many of her predictions of the genetic engineering ‘nightmare' are now unfolding. And the big issues she tackled in the book have remained as fresh and relevant today as then.


What people said


“An extremely important book – even a heroic one – and a worthy successor to Rachel Carson's Silent Spring .” Professor Charles Jencks, University of California


“An impassioned exposé…this controversial book deserves attention, not least for its medical implications.” The Financial Times


“Polemical and often controversial…ambitious and wide-ranging ...” New Scientist


“Ho strongly believes that genetic engineering will become a nightmare on a scale that our society can barely imagine.” Sunday Express


“This authoritative and profoundly important book explains the science, what has gone wrong and what needs to be done.” NAPRA Review


“The battle to stop genetic engineering is nothing less than a struggle for human freedom itself. Mae-Wan Ho's book provides excellent ammunition for us all.” Earth Matters (Friends of the Earth)


“This authoritative yet easily accessible book is a clarion call for public involvement and independent review of the risks and hazards in genetic engineerin before it's too late.” Positive News


“A book with a message which will inform and inspire many to become more effctive compaigner against the vested interests of biotechnology.” Living Earth (The Soil Association)


“A passionate book, full of detailed information, urgently arguing for an independent public review – before it is too late” Permaculture


“Provides valuable warnings at a time of increasing anxiety about the possible dangers of genetic engineering.” Scientists for Global Responsibility


“A well-written and comprehensive treatment of the subject…an important book” T he Methodist Recorder


“Iceland Frozen Foods has taken a stand against genetically engineered food – this is the book that tells you why.” Malcolm Walker , Chairman, Iceland Frozen Foods


“Most books on genetic engineering have been consigned to my rubbish bin, but I can recommend this one which is an important book and an excellent source of information.” Dr. Vernon Coleman , European Health Journal


“Mae-Wan Ho presents with vivid clarity the biological reality that underlies genetic engineering and shows why it needs a new way of thinking about life. Biologists capable of such radically comprehensive thinking are rare.” Professor Brian Goodwin, Schumacher College


“This brilliant and highly illuminating book is essential reading for all concerned for the future of humanity.” Edward Goldsmith, Founding Editor of The Ecologist and author of many books on environmental issues


“This objective appraisal shows that the dominant control of genetic engineering by big business is leading to bad science, exaggerated claims of benefits and irresponsible suppression of ecological and health risks. This book is essential reading for scientists, environmentalists, policy makers and concerned citizens.” Dr. Vandana Shiva, scientist, celebrated activist and author of many books


The Author


Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Director and co-founder of the Institute of Science in Society ( www.i-sis.org.uk ); Editor of Science in Society ; scientific advisor to Third World Network; best known for pioneering work on the physics of organisms and sustainable systems, and major critic of genetic engineering; much sought-after public speaker and published author across many disciplines, other books include The Rainbow and the Worm, the Physics of Organisms ( 1993, 1998, reprinted 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005); Living with the Fluid Genome (2003); The Case for a GM-Free Sustainable World (2003, 2004); Unravelling AIDS (2005); Which Energy? (2006).


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