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IN: More than 3 millions Iraqis have been slaughtered  since 1990

Inside view from IRAQ 5 years later with 1.1 Million Dead Iraqi civilians and over 4,000 dead U.S. Soliders see the truth on what it is like living day to day in IRAQ that the MAINSTREAM Media does not want you to see!

Or should we say 17 years as Col. Daniel Smith, U.S. Army (Ret.) reminds us this week? However we count this anniversary, we finish this week approaching the 4,000 mark for dead American soldiers. How many Iraqis have died during our invasion and subjugation of their country is unknown -- dead Iraqis are not counted by our media or our leaders. And those shown become an abstraction as Erica Bouris writes:

And yet the numbers tumble out; 81,632-1,120,000 Iraqi civilians dead. How could we be so unsure? How could we not know whether 1,038, 368 people celebrated their eighth birthdays or graduated from high school or handed their daughters off in marriage? We are a bit more confident about our estimates of Iraqi refugees, 2.2-2.4 million (it helps that other countries are trying to count them as their cities and slums swell uncomfortably). But here too we don't know whether the intended birthday trinkets were left behind, whether education was abandoned such that gutters could be swept or handouts could be taken in the streets of Damascus and Iran, or whether elderly fathers were left behind, too frail to make the trip outside Iraq.

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