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Karen Silkwood (February 19, 1946November 13, 1974) was an American labor union activist and chemical technician at the Kerr-McGee plant near Crescent, Oklahoma, United States.

Silkwood's job was making plutonium pellets for nuclear reactor fuel rods. She died under mysterious circumstances after investigating claims of irregularities and wrongdoing at the Kerr-McGee plant."

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"This clip is about pushing employes to be so tired that they are forgetting some essential means to secure themselves from radiations. We see also how dirty and liars could be some employes that are bringhing other employes to lie about what they have been learning. A bad souvenir of what I have ben through.I was in Quebec a whistleblower and there is no place for a whistleblower in nuclear even if unions are saying they will help you they usualy fake supporting you, they usualy dont like trouble and go where less of it exist. They go than from difficult cases to take care to rewards to have let the poor employe died of his way, no responsability to the owners they are all ready for an other licencing of their plant with the help of Nuclear Commissions that dont want trouble them also. This is what I call working in a dirty place, radiations you can protect yourself against, liars you can't."

From: SIM754

"Plutonium desintegrating is forming a new isotope called Americium. Why the doctors at Los Alamos had to find out about Americium before Plutonium is what my experience will be about. For having experimenting with americium for many many years, i must say that it is an imprevisible killer. I wander how the smoke detectors are being assembled, I imagine robots, I hope it is by robots not otherwise.

I have been working with alpha emitters for nearly twenty-three years and learned a lot about emanations from those. My alpha detector should be able to detect an americium activity of 10 nanocuries in about ten minutes or so. A one microcurie is giving me an intantanious reading of a full scale. A 100 nanocuries is detatable in one minute or so. Here is how I have been reaching those exact quantities transferred on plastic and quartz substrates: I had a one microcurie source just as there are in smoke detectors. I putted it in a little melting pot made of tungsten and all this happend in a very high vaccuum of 10 miness 6 torrs as I used the old system. First the metal that was holding the little quantity of americium went melting and it evaporated on 10 plastic lens turning over the what is called crucibles. So as the metal was evaporating on substrates, it gave a metal like mirror and when I increased the power, to nearly 400 amps at 6 volts, the americium stated accumulating on the surface of the metal surface and I had there 10 plastic lens each having exactly 50 to 70 microcuries as there was lost on the turn table and on the walls of the vaccuum chamber. Of course I took care of decontaminate this tiny amount of Am241 until all was cleaned. And than I repeated the experience with 100 quartz pieces of half an inche diameter and than I had about 10 nanocuries on each piece that could be detected in ten minutes.

Dont play with radioactivity if you dont know how to secure yourself from it, no matter how little it is.

Both weapons grade and reactor grade plutonium contain some plutonium-241. Plutonium-241 decays into americium-241 by emitting a beta particle. Since americium-241 has a far longer half-life (432 years) than plutonium-241 (14.4 years), it builds up as plutonium-241 decays. The gamma radiation from americium-241 decay, which is far stronger than that from plutonium-239, also builds up with the age of the plutonium sample. Therefore, the more plutonium-241 there is and the older the sample, the greater the gamma radiation from the build-up of americium-241."

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