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Ballet put on the stage by Marie-Claude Pietragalla narrate about intricate life of Camille Claudel and her relationship with their family and the outside world.

This moment about her mother, who never approved daughter desire to art.

After the break with Rodin and loss of a child Camille going mad.

Her father tried to help her and supported her, but after his death her family defines Camille in the Asylum.

Most of this has contributed to her mother.

There are records to show that while she did have mental outbursts, she was clear-headed while working on her art. Doctors tried to convince the family that she need not be in the institution, but still they kept her there.

Her mother forbade her to receive mail from anyone other than her brother. The hospital staff regularly proposed to her family that Claudel be released, but her mother adamantly refused each time. On June 1, 1920, physician Dr. Brunet sent a letter advising her mother to try to reintegrate her daughter into the family environment. Nothing came of this.

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