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The Persian Empire was a series of historical empires that ruled over the Iranian plateau, the old Persian homeland, and beyond in Western Asia, Central Asia and the Caucasus. The Persian empire has become what we know today as Persia or more commonly, Iran. The most widespread entity considered to have been a Persian Empire was the Achaemenid Empire (648–330 BC) — famous in antiquity as the foe of the classical Greek states — a united Aryan kingdom that originated in the region now known as Pars province of Iran. It was formed under Cyrus the Great, who overthrew the empire of the Medes, and conquered the entire Middle East, including the territories of the Babylonians, the Phoenicians, and the Lydians. Babylonia was the only part of the Assyrian empire that had not been conquered by Cyrus' Mede grandfather, Astyages. Cyrus' son, Cambyses, continued Cyrus' conquests by conquering Egypt.

Most of the successive states in Greater Iran prior to March 1935 are collectively called the Persian Empire by Western historians.

Historical Timelines
Achaemenid Empire (550 BC–330 BC)
Hellenistic Persia (330 BC–250 BC )
Parthian Empire (250 BC–AD 226)
Sassanid Empire (226–651)
Islam and Persia (650–1037)
Turkic rule (1037–1219)
Mongols and their successors (1219–1500)
Safavid Dynasty (1500–1722)
Persia and Europe (1722–1914)
World War I and the interbellum (1914–1935)

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