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2008 Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader Takes on the Two-party Billionaire

Making his stand on the steps across from the New York Stock Exchange, Ralph Nader and his running mate, Matt Gonzalez call out the corporate-welfare that has been handed to the wealthiest American bankers.

As the so-called "Free Market" fails miserably, Socialist policies are quickly enacted to prop up a severely broken Economic model at the expense of the taxpayers, their children and their grandchildren.

Without any promise of a return on investment, the risks land squarely on the back of the average Citizen as the wealth of our richest is protected.

Photo: Joëlle Pénochet Oct 2008

As this Halloween approaches, learn the scariest words to Barack Obama and John McCain's ears...
-National, not-for-profit healthcare.

-Living wage for all.

-Negotiate Peace in the Middle-East.

-Politicians out of Corporations pockets.

-Fair Elections.

-and many more..

With a truly revolutionary cast of characters, this new DVD is sure to inform and entertain.

Listen to 'Reverend Billy' and his choir from the "Church of Stop Shopping" as he predicts the Shopocalypse that corporate America has wrought upon us.

Reverend J. Maupin chimes in describing the twin-party system as being the problem, rather than the solution!

Buy the DVD right away, before they're sold out!
These are sure to go quickly. And your donations are vital to keeping this Campaign on track as Ralph Nader has visited all 50 of the United States!

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