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(Part I - to be completed)


John pilger : the new rulers of the world (film)
Architects & engineers for 9/11 truth (30', vost français)
The corporation-film featuring chomsky and more...(3h)
The influence of aipac on us foreign policy' (52')
"from freedom to fascism"- film by aaron russo (video)
Prof.Michel chossudovsky/the truth behind 911(1h 56)
9/11- myth and reality-pr david r. Griffin (1h30, vo-fr st)
Noam chomsky on 911 conspiracy (videos)

Noam chomsky: the political system in the usa (video)

Chomsky on the militarization of science and space (video)

John pilger: arming the world (film, 52')
John pilger: truth and lies in the war on terror (51')
Will the military halt an iran attack? (10/10/07)
John pilger: truth and lies in the war on terror (51')
Obama afghanistan (video)
Jimmy walter/reopen911 (video, 18', en, st français)
Noam chomsky: america is not a democracy (video)
Noam chomsky speaks about guantanamo (video)


John pilger - iraq: paying the price (video, 17' 50)
Noam chomsky - from bolivia to baghdad (video, 36')
 "war made easy" by norman solomon (critic + trailer)
Dn: the u.S. Used chemical weapons in iraq (video, 1h)
Ghosts of abu ghraib (film)
Iraq 5 years later: 1.1 million iraqi civilians dead (videos)
Star wars weapons in iraq? (video, 25' + transcript)

Iraq: the womens story (2006, 47')

Iraq: the womens story (2006, 47')
Iraq’s rising numbers of orphaned children (+video)  

American soldier:"i've tortured and raped in iraq"(video,3')
Dn: the u.S. Used chemical weapons in iraq (video, 1h)

Iraq conspiracy (documentary, 46 mn)

Iraq: the cradle of civilization (video, 52')

Uncovered: the whole truth about the iraq war (film, 87')
Bill clinton lie on iraq wmd (video, 1998)

Tens of millions in oil stolen from iraq every day (video)
Iraq: l'amerique traumatisee par la guerre (vidéo, 1h15)
Iraq: marine corporal:"it's my duty to speak out" (video)

Latin America

Superpower principles: u.S. Terrorism against cuba (55') 
John pilger: nicaragua: the right to survive (video)
Greg palast on president hugo chavez (video, 11')
Bolivian president evo morales on dn (video+transcript)
Hugo chavez and the welfare poets in the bronx (video)
Hugo chavez interviewed in london (video)
Pres chavez addresses the un - 2006-10-01 (videos,sp,en)
Venezuela bolivariana: people and his struggle (1h16')


Us war crimes afghanistan (video, 50')


Jenin jenin, film de/by mohamed bakri (53') vof- en subtitles
John pilger : "palestine is still the issue" (2002 52' video)


Yougoslavia: n. Chomsky on nato bombing (video, 36')

Part II : http://internationalnews.over-blog.com/article-24098936.html

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