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Part II (to be completed)


Climate change:"5 ways to save the world"(film,2007, 59')
Dr rosalie bertell: make it visible- chemtrails (video)
Climate change: the denial machine (video, 40')
The biofuels myths (article + video)
‘disaster’ movie warns world of oil apocalypse +trailer

Jeffrey smith: the effects of genetically modified foods (8')
Gmo trilogy - unnatural selection (videos, parts 1 to 5)

The monsanto story (from agent orange to gmo's)
Gmo: life running out of control (film, en, 1h32)
I want my father back (video on gmo in india)

Nuclear Plants and Weapons

Leuren moret about du: "depopulating the world" (+video)
Depleted uranium: sr rosalie bertell, phd (video)
Nuclear weapons & international disorder (video, 57')

Helen caldicott: the new nuclear danger (video, 1h08)

Will the military halt an iran attack? (10/10/07)

Global nuclear cover up by leuren moret (video)  

Three mile island nuclear accident (1979 film extract)
French nuclear tests in polynesia (videos)


Orwell rolls in his grave (1 h 45 mn)
Globalisation and the media (+ video, 21mn)
Operation saddam - americas propaganda war (video 51')
John pilger: the murdoch effect (film, 52') 
Rich media, poor democracy (video, 5' 27)
Noam chomsky: manufacturing consent (videos)
Noam chomsky: mass media and control (video)  
The myth of liberal media by noam chomsky (video)

Noam chomsky: programming the nation (video)
Propaganda (film featuring pilger, chomsky... 1h)

Animals's right

Earthlings - terriens (1h 30, vo, sous-titres français)
China dog and cat fur farm investigation (videos-peta)

Choose vegetarianism (12')

The human cost of animal experiments (video, 45')
Animal cruelty & testing is wrong (3')
Turkey slaughterhouse cruelty (video)

Animal rights movement (videos)
Animal rights (peta, video 22')
Animal cruelty (video)
Animal testing (video, 4'44)

Noam chomsky - noam vs. Michel foucault (eng. Subs)

Noam chomsky: terrifying the population (video)
N. Chomsky/r. Fisk: war, geopolitics, and history (1h41)
Prof noam chomsky (video, 2006)
Chomsky lecture 1970, government in the future (video)  
Noam chomsky at columbia university (video,1h17)

Chomsky: creating another world in a time of war (1h)
Noam chomsky (authors@google, 53')
Noam chomsky, howard zinn, and michael albert on dn (2007)

John Pilger

"the war on democracy", a film by john pilger (videos)  

John pilger's: breaking the silence (film, 52')

John pilger on rwb and rctv (video, 6' 29)

Stealing a nation, a special report by john pilger (film,55')  

John pilger - freedom next time (video 2007)  

John pilger - truth game (documentary, 1h19')

John pilger: cambodia, year zero (film, 52')  

John pilger - war by other means (film, 52')  

John pilger: burma, land of fear (film, 52')
John pilger - journalist, author, film maker (video)

Others authors

Greg palast: important investigative reporter (28')
Democracy now! Norman finkelstein (video, 55')
Dr norman finkestein's portrait (video, 10 mn)

Howard zinn: "on human nature and aggression" (9')

Howard zinn "just war" (video)

Arundhati roy and howard zinn (40')

Democracy and militarism (howard zinn interview, oct 2008)

Scott ritter - january 2008 (36')

Scott ritter: weapons of mass delusion (28')
Ray mcgovern and scott ritter (2006, 53')

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