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Is Big Business The Real Big Brother - Microchip Cashless tyranny

"Monitoring and surveillance of employees and customers by big business is now commonplace. Money Programme presenter Max Flint with the Personal Shopping Assistant computer, as used by customers at the Metro Future Store in Rheinberg, Germany Some German shoppers already have their purchases tracked It's increasingly a feature of our daily lives, because businesses have found that it makes good business sense. But is corporate snooping out of control?

In Britain, we are all familiar with the CCTV cameras that have sprung up across our city centres and transport networks. We generally accept that they are there to counter crime and help monitor traffic flows on our busy roads. But how many of us realise that when we travel about, each of us is captured, on average, 300 times a day on CCTV, and should we be concerned? Of course, if we look up, we can see the CCTV cameras. We know they're there. But are they just the visible tip of a much larger and more deep-rooted surveillance society? Microchip RFID surveillance society big brother NWO orwell 1984 patriot act freedom tracking GPS mega corporations scanning" 2007



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