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Why the bills in Congress must be stopped.

The bills in Congress (HB 814, HR 875, SB 425?) look innocuous to the public and are cast as "food safety" but they mention two things (and thus make regulations buried elsewhere, operative) which will destroy the competition to industrial agriculture and/or take over control of all farms and thus of the US food supply: "tracing" which triggers this:
http://www.organicconsumers.org/artic... "best farming practices" which triggers a series of regulations that industrialize farming - allowing the government (indistinguishable from industry) to impose * what feed to give the animals (the GMO feed they sell), * what medical regimen (the drugs they sell), and * what spray and where and when (the pesticides they sell). These "best" practices would prevent farmers from raising animals on farms where crops are also grown and a series of things that are equally absurd to anyone who knows the least thing about farming or wishes to farm themselves and have chickens and vegetables, or a horse and fruit trees or ducks and grow corn to feed them or ...

The implications for organic farming and all independent farming are clear.

This, however, is quite legal and growing:


Meanwhile the largest chicken CAFO in the US is being planned for Ohio.

A small sample of how the regulations in just HB 814 will control any farmer into futility and oblivion and are horrifically misapplied to people who are producing good food on clean farms away from CAFOs and their contaminated water supplies and manure, away from GMOs, pesticides, antibiotics, steroids, heavy metals and the rest:

The "sources of seed contamination" regulations (presented by the FDA at a meeting Monsanto hosted) have already made seed cleaning equipment (essential for collecting organic seed) for any seed eaten as food (all raw seed, seed for sprouting, seeds for oil, seed for animal feed) illegal this year - unless farmers install a million to a million and a half dollar building ... per line of seeds. Flax seed, an essential element in a natural health regimen, is now almost entirely in corporate hands now. In realizing that Big PHARM is linked to Big PHARMA which is doing all it can to crush natural health alternatives, controlling flax seed or eliminating its production is valuable.

Also on that list are seed storage facilities which can be made illegal as well, and could require seed bankers to meet similar impossible to afford government "food safety" standards. A million or five million dollar building - or whatever figure puts it it out of reach for small seed bankers who are protecting our biodiversity - will mean no more organic seeds. This ensures Monsanto's monopoly and fits with the long list of other disturbing things they are doing.

Here is some information on how "food safety" is being used.

Here is a way of understanding how important pure food is and how misled we have been. "Safety" is more truly about masking industrial contamination and are being destructively misapplied to normal farming. Upton Sinclair's book, the Jungle, did not implicate small meat processors but the giant slaughterhouses and yet were applied to everyone. Recent FDA regulations (HACCP) wiped out 72 local processors in Kansas alone though they had never had an e-coli problem) and allowed much greater centralization of the industrial side and an actual reduction in inspections.

Here is an overview of a very corrupt system, our government acting on behalf of industry to wipe out our own farmers.
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