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Millions facing drought and famine throughout Africa -…
Swine Flu: Now Legal Immunity for Vaccine Makers By F. William Blum

US Torture Photos Show Prison Guards Raping Iraqi Children

The Iranian Election Protests: Another US Orchestrated ‘Color Revolution’?
IRAN 1953: CIA Operation Ajax Sowing the seeds of blowback (videos)

Nothing depleted about 'depleted uranium'

Are You Ready for War with a Demonized Iran? By Paul CRAIG ROBERTS
It is Official: WHO Recommends Mandatory Injections to Almost Two Hundred Countries

Criminalizing natural healing, Vitamins and Herbs: Codex Alimentarius

"We control America" - Israel’s stranglehold over US politics

H1N1: Readying Americans for Dangerous, Mandatory Vaccinations
Rumsfeld Owns the Rights on Tamiflu by Michel Chossudovsky
Vaccination Myths and Truths by Stephen Lendman
Cargill: A Corporate Threat to Food and Farming
Global Food Crisis: The Other “Pandemic” by GRAIN
Irradiated Foods Cause Severe Neurological Damage

Agribusiness giants seeks control over our food supply 

Monsanto's Bt Cotton Kills the Soil as Well as Farmers
Rumsfeld Owns the Rights on Tamiflu by Michel Chossudovsky -…
Fast-tracked Swine Flu Vaccine under Fire Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof.…
Towards a Global Currency? Towards the integration of the Dollar and…
Baxter Pharmaceutical Mixed Avian Flu with Flu Vaccine
Brave New World:Bush signs Bill to Take all Newborns’DNA
European Green Party Leader Cohn-Bendit: A warmonger !
Color Revolutions, Old And New By Stephen Lendman

Beating And Torturing Palestinian Children

Israel dumps its hazardous waste into the Palestinian territories

MIDEAST: Environment Emerges as a Major Casualty

Gaza solid waste management in dire straits

GAZA: Alarm Spreads Over Use of Lethal New Weapons

Eduardo Galeano - Operation Unpunished Lead

GAZA: "Operation Cast Lead" Part of a Broader Agenda

The US Promotes Genocide Against the Palestinians

Clinton Would ‘Obliterate’ Iran - INTERNATIONALNEWS

Why is There Rampant Famine in the 21st Century?

NATO’s Doomsday Seed Vault in the Arctic by F. W. Engdahl
FDA: Clones' Offspring May Be In Food Supply
Genetically modified Animal Cloning (MONSANTO Pigs)
Genetically modified Animal Cloning (Animal Farm) part 1

Surviving GM Cultures/Damage to the Earth's Eco-Systems?

'Frankenfoods' Monsanto Plays Bully Over Consumer Labeling

GMO : Seeds of Destruction by F.William Engdahl

GMO Crops and the Decline of Bee Colonies

USA and NATO: The Axis of Genocide By PR Francis Boyle
Are the US and Israel Planning a Broader Middle East War?
America's Fiscal Collapse By PR Michel Chossudovsky
Rosalie Bertell (Ph.D., GNSH) : Health&Environmental Costs of Militarism
Obama’s Team Prepares Escalated Bloodletting In Afghanistan/Pakistan
The Invasion of Afghanistan, 6 Years Later by P. Cockburn
Agricultural reconstruction in Afghanistan and Iraq: The real agenda
Big Media and The New World Order, by Stephen LENDMAN

The united states has 1/4 of the world’s prisoners

Short Videos
American Soldier:I've Tortured and Raped in Iraq(video,3')
Ralph Nader: Giant Corporations Are Dictatorship (video)

Joe BIDEN predictions: Microchiping the population

Dr Rosalie Bertell: MAKE IT VISIBLE- Chemtrails (video)
Solar powered electric car (video, 14')
Hillary Clinton admits that the CFR runs the Government
Indian farmers use CoKe/Pepsi as Pesticides ! (1')
GMO Trilogy - Unnatural Selection (videos, Parts 1 to 5)
China Dog and Cat Fur Farm Investigation (videos-PETA) -…
The Disappearing Male - From Virility to Sterility (video)

Global Nuclear Cover Up by Leuren MORET (video)

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