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Clover Films is an award-winning documentary film production company based in Windsor, England.
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UK: Five, Germany: ARD, Italy: RAI, Australia: SBS, Canada: CBS

This film tells of the horrific forced journey undertaken by thousands of prisoners who surrendered to America and its Afghan allies after the siege of Kunduz.   Over 4,000 are unaccounted for with many of these believed to be buried in a mass grave in northern Afghanistan.
'Afghan Massacre: the Convoy of Death' was the film that first exposed the massacre of over 2000 Taleban prisoners of war in November 2001.

On July 12th, 2009, US President Obama ordered his National Security team to investigate. There are concerns, however, that this presidential inquiry will not dig deep enough. Obama's statements indicate that it will focus solely on the actions of America's Northern Alliance allies.

'Afghan Massacre: the Convoy of Death' includes testimonies from numerous eye witnesses - including those who participated in the killing - who allege that up to 40 senior American soldiers were present as this mass murder was taking place.

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