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PressTV - 'Banksters in control of economy

The “banksters” of the global banking syndicates are the reason behind the decline of the global economy and a population remaining as chained slaves to the system, an analyst says.

Press TV interviewed Gerald Celente from TrendResearch.com, to share his though in the current global economic issue. 

Press TV: 
I couldn't help but notice the white jacket that you have on, what is the story there? 

Well, I understand that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) is looking for a new head, so I am going to try out for it, so I wanted to put the correct outfit on. Because after all, all the IMF is, is the international mafia federation. They are nothing more than the lone sharks of last resort, but they dressed the part differently, so I figured being that they are looking for someone now; I'll try out for it. I know how to do this, here is what they do: they go into a country that's really desperate that can't borrow a dime anywhere, and the IMF comes in and they say, Ay, Ill loan you the money, and they say but how are going to pay me back, they say, well, you tax the people, put more taxes on them. And then you tax the people and they don't get enough, and they say listen I'm not getting enough money, I want the bridge, (they say) you want the bridge? I want the bridge, I want the highway; I want the water supply, kapish. 

It's the international mafia federation. They are nothing more than shake-down artists. So, I figured that, being that you an international show, maybe someone from the IMF will see that I have what it takes to get what they want, maybe I can get the job. 
Press TV: From what you are saying, you would agree then with folks like John Perkins who wrote that book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. They basically make the loans, and if you can't make the payments on the loans, they come in and break your legs, or they actually assassinate you, correct? 

Exactly, that's all they are, they are the lone sharks of last resort. But you see they know how to dress in public and they know how to behave, and they have these wonderful names, like these la grande names with three names attach to them, like [IMF Director General] Dominique Strauss-Kahn. You know, of course, I don't know if this guy is guilty of raping that woman, but whether or not, it's what the IMF does. They are either raping a person or raping country. 

Press TV: 
Yea, well, this is a part and partial of a global banking syndicate, right? It's not just the IMF but it's the World Bank too, also the Wall Street banks, and the central banks, and the Bank of International Settlements, which is a kind of the capo de capo of all the mafia banks, isn't it? 

It's all it is, you said it perfectly. That's all it is. And the people are never going to be free until we break the banks. Break the banks and bring down the bigs, or else you are just going to be a chained slave to the system, because they got you were they want you. They have you in debt, thanks to Senator Joe Biden at the time, the Senator from the loop whole state in Delaware. He made it impossible for you to get out, so whether it is the student, the person with the mortgage, or the country going under, they got you. The banksters are in control, it's the mafia of mafias. 

Press TV: 
Your talking about banking, there was a lot of talk after the 2008 crash for reform of the bank system. And yet we haven't seen any, so going forward, is it too late for reform? Is the window for reform closed? Will we see any reform at all? 

Celente: you won't see any change at all as long as the Republican and Democrats which are again just another element to the family of the crime syndicate. And as a matter of a fact, I have come to the conclusion that the only possible solution out of all of this, whether it is the US, the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, you name the country, Ireland, the only way out is through a direct democracy. 

We the people have to vote on issues of health care, on issues of war, on issues of bailouts, on issues of regulation, of major importance. Let the people vote, because this isn't a representative form of government. You can tell little kids in high school at that age, you know, that your Senator and Congressman represent you. They represent the people that give them the most amount of money so they can stuff it into their pockets. 

When are you going to grow up? The Congress is nothing but a bunch of wieners. Does anybody have to look any further? So the only way out of this and this is going to be my campaign from this point forward, let the people vote. We have no constitution left in the country, so we don't have to make believe that we are rejiging the constitution. It has been decimated already; let's reformulate it for the 21st century. Listen, if you could bank online, you can vote online, this could really be simple.

Press TV: 
Ok, you mention voting, let's talk about a country that, actually, held a vote, a referendum, deciding whether or not they should comply with the demands from outside bankers, the country was Iceland. They had a referendum, the people voted against the banksters, and now they are prosecuting the banksters. Why is Iceland the only country in the world willing to take on the bankers? 

 I guess they still have that Nordic Viking fight in them, because I'll tell you, I just got back from Ireland, and boy they are no fighting Irish over there, the IMF is giving it to them good. 

Press TV: 
There is a movement of foot, that possibly in America, that a Cairo like moment is staged via Facebook, where a million or so American who are underwater on their mortgages because of the criminal behavior of the banksters. Simultaneously, default. They walk away the same day, thus, putting it back to the banksters in a coordinated Cairo like revolutionary manner. Do you think this has a snowballs chance in Haiti of happening? 

I do think so at this time, I don't think the movement is strong enough. That kind of movement is precisely the kind of thing that needs to be done, the people have to use their wits and their abilities to stop the system from steam rolling over them, again I would love to see it happen, but I keep seeing these failures. Wasn't there one in France last year? I think it was in July about something that they were going to tell people not to go to the bank or something? 

Press TV: 
That's right, it happened in France last year. A very famous rugby player or footballer at the time, had people pulling money out of their bank, but of course, to me it seemed half cocked, because you would end up putting your money just in another bank. As opposed to putting into maybe gold and silver were it could have actual residence in reshaping the system. I believe you also are a big proponent of gold and silver? 

Oh yea, gold, especially gold. I have been buying gold since 1978 actually, my first buy was a 187, 50 an ounce. And of course we called the bottom of gold in 2001, and I have been buying. Since I like gold better than silver only because, I don't say silver is bad because I own some, but the system is collapsing. It is collapsing in front of us. 

Press TV: 
When you say the system is collapsing, can we say that this is pretty much tied to the paper money system, the credit expansion that has been fueling this fake growth for so many years. This is pretty much the nettle of it. Isn't it, the fiat money system? 

Its entirely it. Look, anybody that has a half a brain can look back since the panic of 08 (2008). The tens of trillions pumped into the system, the best it did was to keep it on life support, and now at some point they are going to have to pull the plug on the money pump, and when that happens, the whole thing collapses, the Ponzi scheme as you well call it, a global Ponzi scheme, you're the first person I heard call it that, and it's so accurate, when the Ponzi scheme ends, all the fiat currencies decline with it. 

Probably one of the only few that will stay strong I believe is the Swiss franc, because they are the money cockroaches of the world. You know, all these crooks and criminals, they need to watch their money somewhere and Switzerland has been doing a very good job of that, just look at their track record during World War II. So, the dirty money is going to have to be washed from somewhere, and Switzerland is the country of choice for that. 

Press TV: 
I'm going rip headlines from a popular news website, and you give us your insight in terms of what the trend here that we are seeing. Here is the head line: churches in Florida are on fire because thieves are steeling the copper wiring from the air conditioning unit. What does this tell us? 

You know what my saying is max as a Bronx boy originally, when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it. Churches, factories, homes, you name it. Crime is going to be big time, and it is just going to continue as the economy gets worst. 

Press TV: 
Ok, but what does this also tell us about the collapse of the fiat money perhaps and the rise in these basic commodity prices. There seem to be a shift out of paper in to stuff. 

That right, you got it. Because you can sell stuff and paper isn't worth the digital paper it's not printed on. So, people are going to steal anything they can turn it in for a buck, and the commodity prices are going to stay continually high as the currencies continually be devalued, simple as that. 

Press TV: 
America is presently bombing or occupying at least five Muslim countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Iraq. What do you see on the war front? Eminent wars in this oil rich region, what can we expect here, more war? 

The business of America use to be business back in the 20th century, in the first half of it. Now, the business of America is war, that's what they do. It's what all declining empires do. 

Follow the line, 1929, the Great Depression, currency wars, trade wars, hot wars. The panic of O8, the great recession's last depression, the only reason why it hasn't happened was because of the funny money, if they keep pumping it in the system and keeping it on life support. We have currency wars, trade wars to follow real wars. 

The first great war of the 21st century has begun. What is happening in the Middle East, North Africa, what the United States is doing to Pakistan, Yemen, and now in Libya, is only more of what we are going to see coming. It's going to be wars fought with dirty bombs, weapons of mass destruction, suitcase sized nukes. Boom goes London, boom goes Paris. It has been written about years ago, and it's happening now. It is going to happen. You can't keep killing a lot of people with them wanting to seek revenge. It's a very simple story, but again when the Ponzi scheme collapse, this is what they do, the take you to war. 

Press TV: 
Ok. In a war, there is usually a front. In this war, the 21st century war, the first war in the 21st century as you are describing it, the front is a bit fractured. We see Cairo, we see Tunisia, we see Dublin, Athens, we also see Madison Wisconsin. Am I wrong to group Madison Wisconsin into this frontline of this 21st century war? 

Yes, I think so because that was an individual issue having to do with workers in one aspect, because when you look at all of these wars and again and not being a Monday morning cornerback, you know, having forecasted that this will happen, we made our forecasts based on very basic principles. A lot of unemployed people, particularly the youth, so figure it out, you have got a lot of young people with those hormones raging and they are raging mad. Again they are holding university degrees in worthlessness, they are living on like in Egypt, and get, what, at best 10 dollars a day, 40 percent of the country in poverty and the people knowing the deal. It is not like the old futile days and in these neo-futile days, they know the story. The people on the top are robbing everything. 

Again when you talk about the IMF you talk about Egypt, let's go back to 1990. That was the privatization scam; they took all those valuable public resources and sold them to their friends. So, what is happening in Ireland, Spain, Portugal, and Greece and in the Middle East everyone knows the deal. The top of the pyramid has all the money and when the money stops flowing down to the men on the streets, the blood starts flowing in the streets. There is no stopping it, but boy are they are going to try. 

Press TV: 
Alright, let's turn to the US for a second. In a recent Trends Journal, you showed a chart showing food stamp usage going back to 1975 for every single year. Since 2000, food stamp usage has increased hitting unprecedented levels. What is to say about the US economy? 

The United States is going to third world status in many ways by its behavior, by the way the people are living, the levels of poverty. As you well know the gap between the rich and the poor is the widest in the United States than in any of the industrialized nations. According to the latest OECD [Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development] report, the United States ranks fourth in the bottom of income inequality among all those members. This used to be the most egalitarian nation on earth. So what you have is a nation that has been sold out. They sold out our industry. You do not want any of that dirty industry over there. You could become a clerk or a cashier, how about that? So, that is what's really happened and we are going to see more and more of a decline as incomes continue to decline. 

Look at the stock market. 90 percent of the stocks are owned by 10 percent of the population, so is income equality and a declining standard of living. 

Press TV: 
You mentioned wages and income there for a second. Apparently something that came out of the recent Bilderberg Group gathering in Switzerland was that the top elites around the world to maintain their power are looking for wage parody around the world so that the wages in the US and China would be the same. What it should mean is that obviously in the US they have to come down 70, 80 or 90 percent from where they are now. Is this in the card? Is this the possibility? Is this the trend that you see? 

It is happening already. It is the trend. I grew up in the sixties. I remember we had a song that was Harry Chapin's song and its name was 'Cats in the Cradle', and you know your daddy did not show up for the baseball game or something and you know how terrible it was. When the baby boomers became the worst hypocrites in society, they became a caricature of everything that they hate. They were holding down two and three jobs just to stay even. They were working like crazy and around the clock. 

So, they are letting the takeover happen and they are a parcel of it because of the consumption habits. So, yes it is already happening. The people are being drilled into their head that cheap is good and go to Walmarts (American public multinational corporation); save a dime or a nickel and you live better. You should get paid less because after all we cannot tax the very rich and that is the lie by the way that they use. What they say is that these plans to tax the rich, these tax plans, they call rich in the United States making 250,000 dollars a year for a married couple with kids. That is not rich. That is a nice living. But they are not rich, especially when a tiny little apartment in New York goes for a million bucks. 

So, what I am saying about taxing the rich, I am talking about; you know you do not have to make 200 or 500 million dollars a year, billions of dollars a year and not be taxed at that high rate. So, that is the whole disparity and that is how they keep drilling the people down into the ground by making them seem as though the people on the top deserve what they get and because you are just a regular you and average Joe or Jane. Joe get back to work, don't ask for a raise and if you complain you are not going to have a job

Press TV: 
You mentioned that you grew up during the 1960s and of course during that period of time, very famously, we had the generation gap, and you have that young generation of that time, the baby boomers, then, as you were describing it are hypocrites in that they are taking all of the resources and they are leaving those who were born after 1966 holding the bag. In fact the recent proposal for reform of social security makes the cut off point for those born after 1966 as terms of scaling back all of the social security benefits that the baby boomers are protecting. Is there a new generation of war coming in America like we saw in the 60s, a new generation gap and a new war of the generations? 

Celente: I don' think so because everybody is screwed so everybody is in the same pot. But even the bigger element of hypocrisy, as I see it, and only speaking for myself, with the baby boomers is that all of these wars going on and not a peep, and look at [US President Barack] Obama out bushing [Former US President George W.] Bush. If Bush did this, everybody would be screaming bloody murder. 

The slaughter is going on in Afghanistan as we speak. Earlier this week, a string of predator drones flying into Pakistan blowing up innocent people. Hey, how about a military strike in Yemen and a little drone strike? Where are the baby boomers? Because there is no draft, the only reason they were out there, when I was there, was because our lives were on the line. We were becoming kind fathers, but the baby boomers, nothing. If the mummy's boys were on the line, boy, would they be out protesting. 

Press TV: 
Alright, one last question. You pointed out in the recent edition that we are basically at the end of normal, the global end of normal. So, how do we prepare for the end of normal going forward? 

Gerald Celente's “GC's Three G's: Guns, Gold and a Getaway plan,” and I do not say that lightly. Again, I only speak for myself. I remember 911 as everyone does but I was prepared for it because I had been predicting it that something would happen of this magnitude. So, when 911 happened and I did not know if Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant would go. Whether or not it is Indian Point, 911, Fukushima or dirty bombs coming and going, be prepared, prepared for the worst. You better be ready to fight. And that is by the way going to be their headlines on the Trends Journal, 'Fight, your life depends on it'. The system is out of control, the losers don't have a clue, and the beltway incompetence is not going to fix the problems that they have created. There are three worlds out there: there is the political world, the media world and the real world. The real world knows what is going on. Every day I get letters and emails asking where should I go and what should I do. 

The media world and the political world have you mesmerized; they have you snooki stupid and gaga to death. You better plan for survival. If you plan for the worst and nothing happens, what did you lose? Nothing. But if you plan for the worst and the worst happens and you have done nothing, you are toast. Fukushima, you name it, one after another the economies are in crash course, and whatever they do in Europe to save the Greek tragedy won't mean anything and new ones just around the corner bigger and better. 


Source: Press TV Jun 26, 2011


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