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June 19 2010


The politics behind the global disaster

Amid the comprehensive chaos that has blanketed the news cycle since the Deepwater Horizon exploded on April 20, 2010, there seems to be a scenario that makes sense, but has not been widely suggested.

What if BP and the US government know exactly what’s going on, but have too much to lose by disclosing it?

The scenario

It is possible that the Deepwater Horizon explosion was not as much of a surprise
as BP would have the public think.

The 5,000 foot deep well was a rouge from the beginning, but the benefits of tapping the second largest oil and natural gas deposit in the world was well worth the gamble. The less it cost to get at the virtually bottomless pit of oil, the higher the profit margin. For many businesses, cutting corners with the hope that it will never be noticed is common practice.

Within days of the explosion, BP could have known that with the shortcuts they had taken, capping it fast would be impossible.  So they decided to try to hide the size of the disaster with toxic chemicals, useless remedies, and ignorance about the monster they had unleashed on the world.

The chemical disbursant Corexit 9500, has a way of making oil disappear from the surface, but the brew  is no friend to the environment or human health. In relatively low concentrations (2.61 PPM), it is lethal.

Warm water, as in the Gulf of Mexico in summer, changes the molecular structure of Corexit 9500. It turns it into a gas which is readily absorbed into the atmosphere. The transformed compound returns to earth as toxic oil rain, poisoning everything it touches for an untold number of years.

The public relations and political problems

Would you want to tell the world that you knew from day one that your disregard for public safety and the environment was going to cause damage on such a massive scale that every living thing on the planet would suffer from it in some way or another for the next 200 years?

Would you go on television and admit that because of corruption and greed, livelihoods would be ruined, an ecosystem will be destroyed, millions will die, water supplies will be contaminated, and the incidence of unexplained cancer will increase dramatically?

Would you admit that it could have been prevented if you only had the guts to create, apply and enforce safety regulations, regardless of cost or political popularity?

The reality

The people in America who believe that different politicians in Washington are going to make their lives better, may be in for a rude awakening. The problem is not the people who sit in the chairs; it’s a system that trades favors for money and power.

The truth of the 2010 BP oil spill will never be told as long as those with the power to reveal it, have something to lose by telling it.


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