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Last updates from March 22:

Fukushima nuclear mega disaster: Breaking News (articles, videos, VO)



March 22


March 21

Catastrophes au Japon: fumée au-dessus de la centrale de Fukushima

Fukushima nuclear crash may be as disastrous as Chernobyl disaster

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Fukushima nuclear plume “covered most of North America” — Now over ...

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March 20

"Nuclear Power Nightmare" Special Coverage(NHK World News (Japan) - Live Stream)

"Underestimating the Seriousness of the Problem": Experts Urge Japan to Raise Nuclear Alert Level and Evacuate Wider Area (Democracy Now!)

"Why Are We Playing Russian Roulette With the American People?": Longtime Nuclear Critic Ralph Nader Advocates Phasing Out Nuclear Power Industry

Giant "Common" Nuclear Waste Storage Pond to All Six Fukushima Daiichi Reactors Has Been Without Cooling


March 18

“Serious Danger of a Full Core Meltdown”: Update on Japan’s Nuclear Catastrophe

Hiroshima Organizes Scientific Teams and Medical Treatment Centers to Receive Victims of Radiation Poisoning

Prominent Japanese Environmentalist Keibo Oiwa Urges Global Movement to End Nuclear Power and Confront the “Crazy System Based on Greed, Anger and Ignorance”

Exhausted Engineers Attach Power Cable


In pictures: Japan nuclear crisis

Japan crisis: nuclear danger level rises

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