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DiscoveryNetworks 30 avril 2010 — The next victims of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico could be the birds that depend on the region's fertile shorelines, bayous and marshes. American Bird Conservancy's Michael Fry talks to Jorge Ribas about the situation. Since that video has been taken, the situation turned worse...


Internationalnews wsws 10 May 2010 By Joe Kishore In 2009, the Obama administration intervened to support the reversal of a court order that would have halted offshore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Obama’s Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who has long had close ties to the industry, specifically cited BP’s Deepwater Horizon operation as one that should be allowed to go forward, according to a group involved in the court case. A Washington DC Appeals Court ruled in April 2009 that the Bush administration’s five-year plan for offshore oil and gas drilling […]

The Independent UK Sunday, 9 May 2010 Interviews with surviving Deepwater Horizon rig workers show how explosions led to what may be the world's worst oil spill By David Randall An extraordinary account of how the Deepwater Horizon disaster occurred emerged yesterday in leaked interviews with surviving workers from the rig. They said that a methane gas bubble had formed, rocketed to the surface and caused a series of fires and explosions which destroyed the rig and began the gushing of millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, threatening wildlife […]

Internationalnews LEMONDE.FR, 30.04.10 Une gigantesque nappe de pétrole menace la Louisiane. Avec 800 000 litres de pétrole s'échappant chaque jour du puits de pétrole qu'exploitait la plate-forme qui a sombré le 22 avril, la catastrophe pourrait dépasser en ampleur celle de l'Exxon Valdez, la pire de l'histoire américaine, en 1989 au large de l'Alaska. Des barrages flottants ont été déployés sur près de 50 km pour tenter de limiter l'avancée du pétrole et l'empêcher d'atteindre les côtes de la Louisiane et ses "bayous". Ces forêts marécageuses sont des […]

Internationalnews WSWS 30 April 2010 By Shannon Jones Oil is leaking into the Gulf of Mexico from the well beneath where a British Petroleum (BP) drilling rig exploded at the rate of 5,000 barrels a day, a rate five times greater than earlier estimates, the US government reported late Wednesday night. US Coast Guard officials said a scientist from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had reached the conclusion based on aerial surveys of the slick. The spill, which is expected to hit land Friday near the mouth of the Mississippi River, threatens […]

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