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"I met a murderer" starring James Mason and future wife Pamela Kellino was filmed in 1937 and directed by Roy Kellino, who at that time was still married to Pamela.

The film is essentially the story of a man on the run, James Mason (a farmer) murders his nagging wife and then goes on the run, encountering a girl (Pamela Kellino) who brings him brief happiness. The film unusually for a British film of the period uses an absolute minimum of dialogue, and uses the camera and plenty of close-ups of the leading players to tell its story. 

This interesting film has never been shown on UK tv,or been released to dvd or video. The running time quoted for the full print is 79 minutes, but this version runs just over an hour is an American release print. This film is a must for fans of James Mason, and shows the actor perfecting his craft that would soon propel him to star status in both the UK and the US

Farmer Mark Warrow lives an unhappy existence with his shrewish wife Martha. His only happiness comes from his dog. When his wife loses her temper and kills his beloved pet, Warrow snaps and murders Martha. He goes on the run and comes across a young woman in a caravan. She gives him a lift and unbeknownst to him, she recognizes him and plans to write a book called "I Met a Murderer". She unexpectedly falls for him as the police close in. imdb




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