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15 avril 2010 — Jason Bermas presents Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined produced by Alex Jones.

Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined sets out to do just that, define the term “New World Order” and shed light on the power elite, their agenda, and their modes of operation.  Filmmaker Jason Bermas, who is best known for his work on Loose Change and more recently Fabled Enemies, has decided to go beyond 9/11 and take the next logical step.

Bermas takes a look at the history of power hungry madmen who seem to stop at nothing to shape the world in their vision, the scandals that surround them, the havoc they have reaked on the general populace, and what they have planned for the future of humanity.  This is a no holds barred look into the real power structure that the mainstream media refuses to discuss and is a part of. (http://www.prisonplanet.com)


Full Lenght Film:

The film can be ordered here http://infowars-shop.stores.yahoo.net...

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