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Are the Israelis trying to drag us into World War III?

That is the question being asked by the “patriotic” segments of the US military and intelligence communities - and other military and intelligence communities worldwide. 

The Israelis inadvertently revealed their probable complicity in the false-flag chemical attack in Syria by immediately claiming to know who did it. Ever since the Syrian chemical attack story broke, the Israelis have been screaming that Assad crossed Obama's “red line” and demanding US intervention. 

But why would the Syrian government, which has recently made big gains against foreign-backed insurgents, shoot itself in the foot by staging a massive chemical weapons attack at the exact moment UN Weapons Inspectors arrived in Damascus? Are we supposed to believe that Assad is suicidally stupid? 

Whatever one may say about Assad, he is neither stupid nor suicidal. 

To solve this crime - like all other crimes - we must ask who had the means, motive, and opportunity. 

Let us begin with motive. Assad had no motive to launch a big chemical attack - and a very strong motive not to. 

So who did have a motive? Or, as the Latin phrase has it, cui bono: “Who gains?” 

The answer: Israel and its al-Qaeda allies. 

Israel and al-Qaeda share the same geo-strategic goal: The destabilization of the Middle East. Both want to destroy currently-existing Arab states, beginning with Syria.

Israel wants to balkanize the Middle East by smashing large countries like Syria into tiny ethnic and sectarian enclaves. This has been core Israeli strategic doctrine at least since the publication of the Oded Yinon plan in the 1970s. The current destabilization of Syria is primarily an Israeli project - part of the destruction of “seven countries in five years” that Gen. Wesley Clark revealed was the neocon plan after 9/11. 

Al-Qaeda, like Israel, wants to destroy currently existing Arab states. It says its ultimate goal is a united Islamic world. But the al-Qaeda brand is so unpopular throughout the Arab and Muslim world that the idea of an al-Qaeda-led caliphate is laughable. All al-Qaeda can accomplish is help destroy Muslim countries in service to the Israelis and their Saudi and American puppets. 

So Israel and its assets in Saudi Arabia and the US are working together to destabilize Syria - and Egypt, where Israeli puppet al-Sisi has demolished democracy and established a dictatorship far more autocratic and brutal than anything Mubarak ever dreamed of. 

The chemical weapons attack in Damascus was obviously a Zionist ploy to drag the US deeper into the Syrian conflict. The Israelis, the world's grand masters at the game of false-flag terrorism, had the means, motive, and opportunity.

We should not forget that the most sophisticated and large scale attacks in Syria to date - bunker-buster mega-bombings and so on - have all been Israeli attacks designed to help the al-Qaeda rebels. Israel has plenty of poison gas, and the proven ability to mount large-scale terrorist attacks and blame its Arab enemies. So any big, sophisticated attack in Syria whose beneficiary is the Israeli-backed al-Qaeda rebels should be considered an Israeli attack until proven otherwise. 

The Israelis, as Jeff Gates explains, are masters of game theory. They know that a big chemical weapons attack falsely blamed on Assad is a good bet to trigger a US air attack on Syria. Why? Because the US government, financed by Zionist banksters and penetrated by Zionist agents, never, ever exposes Israeli false flag attacks - even when the victims are American, as in the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty incident, and 9/11. 

But the Israelis also know that Russia has drawn its own “red line” in Syria. Russia will not tolerate large-scale Western airstrikes against Syria, and it will not accept Western-imposed regime change. 

Russia has already suggested that the Syrian chemical attack is an anti-Assad false flag. China has agreed, pointing out that the claims about Assad's sponsorship of the chemical attack are comparable to Bush's lies about alleged Iraqi WMD in 2003. 

Assad himself has said that he will respond to any large-scale Western airstrikes by launching devastating retaliation against Israel. He knows who the real enemy is. 

Iraq, Iran, and Lebanon are lining up behind Syria and against Israel. Iranian officials have agreed that Israel would be the “first victim” of any big Western attack on Syria. 

“We have strategic weapons and we are capable of responding,” Syrian official Khalaf Muftah has been quoted as saying. 

So any major anti-Assad Western intervention will produce a hail of bombs falling on Tel Aviv. The entire Middle East (meaning the people, not the governments) will line up to support the countries and non-state actors lobbing those bombs. 

Russia will defend Syria; China will at least lend moral and financial support. 

The Americans and Europeans, who are dominated by their Zionist lobbies, will find themselves under immense pressure to escalate. 

The world risks being dragged into World War III. 

Why? Because Israel's shelf-life is expiring, and it is unwilling to “go gently into that good night.” The apartheid Zionist state is demographically unsustainable, despised and considered illegitimate by virtually the entire population of the Middle East, and opposed by a growing number of people worldwide. That is why Israeli leaders were crazy enough to risk staging the 9/11 false flag attack: They felt they had nothing to lose by acting, and that their only hope of achieving “Greater Israel” was to trick the West into an all-out war against the enemies of the Zionist state.

But now, a growing number of people around the world are rejecting the official story of 9/11. The inevitable exposure of the truth about 9/11 is a slow-motion earthquake that will bring down the US and Zionist empires. 

So the Zionists are taking another massive gamble. They are hoping that leading the world to the brink of World War III - and possibly over the brink - will save their doomed “Greater Israel” project. A huge war would give the Zionists an excuse to expel non-Jews from historic Palestine, complete the ethnic cleansing that has been ongoing since 1948, and defuse the “demographic bomb.” And since the Zionists and their American stooges are losing relative strength each year, the hard-liners want to fight the big war now, while they think they still have an advantage. 

The Syrian chemical false-flag appears to be Israel's biggest escalation of the “clash of civilizations” since 9/11. This time, the world must expose the truth rapidly, or risk the destruction of not just millions, but even tens or hundreds of millions of lives. 


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