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Ames sensibles s’abstenir.



Autres oldats exécutés sommairement par l'"ASL"



Suite des crimes contre l'Humanité en Syrie. Les soi-disant "rebelles" exécutent sommairement des soldats de l'armée syrienne.

Documenting Crimes against Humanity in Syria. Syrian insurgents summarily execute a captured soldier in the Deir-ez Zour region. 



L'assassinat barbare d'un prisonnier par l'ASL... La version de l'OTAN de la future syrie...

Barabaric killing of a prisoner by the factions of the 'Free Syrian Army', his last twitches are videoed by the terrorists and posted online on July 26th 2012. This is their version of a better Syria.

Graphic evidence showing signs of torture and execution of bound police by the loose grouping known as "Free Syrian Army", which includes several Al-Qaeda groups and isupported by foreign powers including Israel.

A man with his hands tied behind his back is pushed before stumbling into the view of the camera at which point he is shot by the insurgents. The Rebels posted the video with the explanataion that the man was a 'Shabiha' killed by a rebel sniper. The slow motion version of the clip at the end shows just what a sadistic lie that is. The unarmed man has clearly been bound with his hands tied behind his back and the individual holding the camera was evidently waiting for him to appear as planned.

This is just one example of dozens of filmed executions carried out by rebel groups in Syria. They range from beheadings to hangings, shootings and machete attacks. The atrocities are consistently ignored by Western media and politicians desperate to justify their support for armed groups who carry out serious crimes against humanity.



‘British-born jihadists fighting Assad in Syria’ – captured photographer



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