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Understanding NWO Economics Series video

Economist Michel Chossudovsky gives his assessment of what’s going on in the world of finances. He believes the worst of the global crisis is yet to come and all the measures taken to stop it are actually hurting the economy..

"We are living the most serious crisis in modern history, with is in effect coupled with military adventures (referring to the war in Central Asia and in the Midlle East). US foreign policy has also adopted the "low war", wich is a war of conquest, a war without borders. And we have to understand that this war is there ultimatly tthis war is there to support and sustain dominant economic interest, and primarily the western interests of predominant oil conglomarates."

(26 May 2010 Interview)


Url of this article: http://www.internationalnews.fr/article-michel-chossudovsky-their-cure-will-kill-us-video-51782930.html


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