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Miniseries in 3 parts derived from the novel by Ray Bradbury published in 1950 (
translated into 18 languages)

Filmed in London & Malta Island ( representig Mars ) & aired on NBC January 27-28 & 29, 1980.
When Rock was cast, his role was expanded from the novel to make a connecting link to the 3 segments of the story. Co- starring Roddy McDowall, Gayle Hunnicutt , Maria Schell...
Special effects were made by John Sears who won Oscars for " Thundeball " in 1956 
& " Star Wars " in 1977.

The first episode starts at the scene of a presumably NASA unmanned probe landing on the surface of the planet Mars in July 1976. A narrator is explaining what is happening and explains that the purpose of the probe is to determine whether or not Mars is inhabited. As the narrator is speaking, the viewer becomes aware that there are two viewpoints at NASA amongst the scientists who launched the probe: One group obviously believes Mars is uninhabited, the other is open to the possibility of indigenous life on the planet.

Each has their convincing arguments, but ultimately the probe indicates that Mars does not harbour life. At the close of the scene the camera pans back to show a larger view of the probe's landing area, with what appears to be indigenous Martian settlements in the surrounding terrain, all the while the narrator indicating that, "If the probe had landed just a few miles further on, things might have been different." Afterwards the opening credits roll. Continue


- Part I

Partie II:

Rock Hudson - " The Martian Chronicles " - Part II

Partie III:

Rock Hudson - " The Martian Chronicles " - Part III

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