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Jimmie Vaughan "Shackles On Me" "Down with Big Brother"

Peete seeger: waist deep in the big muddy (protest-song)

Graeme Allwright Live: La Ligne Holworth (video, 3'30)

John Lennon - Imagine (video+lyrics-en-fr)

Joan Baez live at Woodstock: We Shall Overcome (+lyrics)

Paul Brady's "The Island" (5' 19)

Roger Waters & Sinead O'Connor Live: Mother

Pearl Jam: Rockin In The Free World-Pink Pop 92 (5')

Sinead O'Connor Live: Fire on Babylon (+ Lyrics)

Mark Knopfler - Brothers in Arms (video)

Bob Dylan : Desolation Row Live 1966 (+ lyrics)

Pink Floyd : The Wall (Video + Lyrics)

Nina Simone: Four Women (Four colours)

No to the EU Treaty: U2/Pearl Jam:Rockin' In a Free World

Tracy Chapman Live :Talking about a Revolution (2 videos)

Patti Smith: Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live, 2007)

U2 - Bloody Sunday (live, 2 videos)

Gary Jules - Mad World (Live + Lyrics)

Richard Thompson (ex Fairport Convention): Dad's Gonna Kill Me

Democrats vs Republicans Rage Against The Machine: Testify

Michael Heart- We will not go down (Song for Gaza) With Lyrics

Michael Jackson Earth Song HQ (sous-titres français)

Tears for Tears: Everybody Wants To Rule The World (4'30)

Bryan Ferry - The Times They Are A-Changin (2007)

Crosby,Still,Nash,Young: Ohio (May 70 Kent massacre anniv)

Jimmy Cliff: "The Harder They Come"

Eddie Vedder Live: Masters Of War (+ Lyrics)

Bob Dylan's MASTERS of WAR (1963)

With god on our side-Bob Dylan and Joan Baez (63,64,82)

Joan Baez : All My Trials (video)

Bob Dylan: Who killed Davey Moore (Newport 1963)

Crosby,Still,Nash,Young: Ohio (May 70 Kent massacre anniv)

Pearl Jam/Neil Young: Rockin' in a Free World (3 videos)

Eddie Vedder Live - Here's to the land (Phil Ochs)

Neil Young : "The Restless Consumer (video+lyrics)

Mahalia Jackson Live late 1960's: We shall overcome

Masters Of Wars (Bob Dylan) par Eddie Vedder

Patti Smith: People Have The Power (4 videos and lyrics)

Neil YOUNG:"Rockin' In The Free World" (3 videos + lyrics)

Hurricane Katrina - Hurricane Song

Bruce Springsteen - Mrs McGrath

Democrats vs Republicans Rage Against The Machine: Testify

Anti War Activist Annie Lennox/Eurythmics: Sexcrime (1984)

Patti Smith Group Live - Free Money (video + lyrics)

Rolling Stones: Street Fighting Man (videos)

U2 - Bloody Sunday (live, 2 videos)

Neil YOUNG Live with Bruce Springsteen (2006, 07'25)

Marianne Faithful: Working Class Heroe (video+lyrics)

John Lennon : "Give Peace a Chance" (video)

Arlo Guthrie: City Of New Orleans (2 music video)

Pink - Dear Mr President (sous-titres français)

Bob Dylan Live:The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll

Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues (1965)

Phil Ochs - I aint marching anymore (2 videos + Lyrics)

Arlo Guthrie: I'm Changing My Name To Fannie Mae (video)

Roger Waters (ex Pink Floyd): It's a Miracle (+lyrics)

Roger Waters: The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range+Lyrics

Roger Waters (Pink Floyd): The Wall LIVE at Berlin (2 of 6)

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