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Le meilleur des mondes (Film d'après Aldous Huxley, version française)


La version originale en anglais est là: Aldous Huxley's Brave New World (Trailer+Film).

USA - Réalisé par Leslie Libman - Larry Williams - Scénario: Dan Mazur, David Tausik - Avec: Peter Gallagher, Leonard Nimoy, Tim Guinee, Rya Kihlstedt, Sally Kirkland- Musique: Daniel Licht
Durée: 87 min

Dans le livre visionnaire écrit dès 1932, Aldous Huxley imagine une société qui utiliserait la génétique et le clonage pour le conditionnement et le contrôle des individus.

 Soylent green is people (Soleil vert) Film, 1h36


It's the year 2022... People are still the same. They'll do anything to get what they need. And they need SOYLENT GREEN. In an overpopulated futuristic Earth, a New York police detective finds himself marked for murder by government agents when he gets too close to a bizarre state secret involving the origins of a revolutionary and needed new foodstuff. (more: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0070723/)

La Belle verte/The Green Beautiful (english subtitles)


Réalisé par Coline Serreau (Fr, 1996) - 1h 30. Avec Coline Serreau, Vincent Lindon, Samuel Tasinaje, James Thierree, Marion Cotillard.

La Belle Verte est une fable philosophique, anti-conformiste, écologiste, décroissante, voire féministe, humaniste et pacifiste pleine d'humour et de santé...

Synopsis : Quelque part dans l'univers existe une planète dont les habitants évolués et heureux vivent en parfaite harmonie. De temps en temps quelques-uns d'entre eux partent en excursion sur d'autres planètes. Curieusement, depuis deux cents ans plus personne ne veut aller sur la planète Terre. Or un jour, pour des raisons personnelles, une jeune femme décide de se porter volontaire. Et c'est ainsi que les Terriens la voient atterrir en plein Paris.

The Time Machine (H.G. Wells) Trailer and Full Lenght Film


In 1960, filmmaker George Pal brought to fruition a visionary concept for a film based on a novel by H.G. Wells, about an inventor who builds a machine that enables him to travel through time, specifically into the future, where he learns a timeless, universal truth about the machinations of society and some of the basic tenets of human nature. `The Time Machine,' which Pal produced and directed, stars Rod Taylor as George, the inventor/time traveler/hero, who, born into a time and world that doesn't suit him, decides to do something about it.

NWO - Things to come (Science-fiction film based on H.G. Wells novel) - Full Lenght

Things to Come (1936) is a British science fiction film produced by Alexander Korda and directed by William Cameron Menzies. The screenplay was written by H. G. Wells and is a loose adaptation of his own 1933 novel The Shape of Things to Come and his 1931 non-fiction work, The Work, Wealth and Happiness of Mankind. (From Wikipedia).
A global war begins in 1940. This war drags out over many decades until most of the people still alive (mostly those born after the war started) do not even know who started it or why. Nothing is being manufactured at all any more and society has broken down into primitive localized communities. In 1966 a great plague wipes out most of what people are left but small numbers still survive.

Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984): Full Film (1h50+synopsis)


1984 is based on the classic science fiction novel by George Orwell, which offered a bleak vision of a dystopic future where one’s thoughts and actions were controlled by a totalitarian government ruled by an entity known simply as “Big Brother”. 

Alphaville de Jean-Luc Godard 1965 (french, english subtitles) 1h 39



Avec/Featuring Eddie Constantine, Anna Karina. Lemmy Caution est envoyé en mission à « Alphavllle » par les « Pays extérieurs », éloignés de quelques années-lumière (ou peut-être de quelques kilomètres). Il s'agit de retrouver la trace d'un certain Dickson, son prédécesseur, et de mettre la main sur un certain professeur von Braun qui, jadis expulsé des Pays extérieurs, est devenu le tout-puissant et dangereux maître d'Alphavllle.

Alphaville is a 1965 black-and-white French science fiction film directed by Jean-Luc Godard. It combines the genres of dystopian science fiction and film noir. Although set far in the future on another planet, there are no special effects or elaborate sets; instead, the film was shot in real locations in Paris, the night-time streets of the capital becoming the streets of Alphaville, while modernist glass and concrete buildings represent the city's interiors.

George Orwell - Animal Farm The Film (animated film, 75')


"All animals are equal, but some animals are
  more equal than others..."

The British animation firm of John Halas and Joy Batchelor perform yeoman service in adapting George Orwell's allegorical novel Animal Farm to the screen. As any high-school English student can tell you, the original 1945 novel was Orwell's spin on the rise and fall of the Communist myth. A group of intelligent animals overthrow their corrupt human owner and set up their own self-sustained farm, predicated on an idealistic credo: "All Animals are Created Equal", "No Animal Shall Ever Drink Liquor", "Four Legs Good: Two Legs Bad" etc. But when Snowball the Pig (read: Trotsky) is overthrown by the despotic Napoleon (read: Stalin), all idealism goes out the window, and soon the pigs are ruling dictatorially over the other animals. Before long, Animal Farm operates on but one principle: "All Animals Are Created Equal, But Some Are More Equal Than Others." Orwell's ironic ending, in which it becomes impossible to tell the difference between the Pigs and the Humans, is blunted in favor of a grafted-on happy ending, perhaps to mollify the kiddie trade.

Animal Farm (Georges Orwell) - Film, 1999, 1h28

Animal Farm 
Right OVER TYRANY - Political satire - The film generally follows the book closely, with the exception of the ending. A satire of Stalinist Russia, Animal Farm tells of the revolt of the animals of Manor Farm against their human masters. Led by the pigs Snowball (Lenin) and Napoleon (Stalin), the animals attempt to create a utopian society. Soon, however, Napoleon gets a taste for power, drives out Snowball, and establishes a totalitarian regime as brutal and corrupt as any human society. Manor Farm becomes a world where all animals are equal--but some are more equal than others.

L'Atalante Jean Vigo (english subtitles)

Jean Vigo (c) D.R.

L’Atalante fut tourné lors de l’hiver 1933. Un hiver précoce, rude, agressif, tenace… un hiver qui poussait les individus à l’excès. Jean Vigo, notamment. Il lui restait moins d’un an à vivre. Un an, c’est si court… surtout lorsqu’on sait qu’il vient juste d’avoir 28 ans. Bien sûr, il n’était pas question d’attendre le prochain hiver pour tourner un premier (et unique) long-métrage… ni le printemps, ni l’été… Non, il fallait faire ce film maintenant… tout de suite ! Vif, entreprenant, convaincant, sans doute pressé par une Urgence trop vicieuse, attendu bientôt par la Mort, Jean Vigo créa L’Atalante de toutes pièces. 
Jean Vigo made only four films before he died of tuberculosis in 1934, aged just 29. Yet no movie-lover, however eccentric, could compose a list of 100 films through which the cinema should be celebrated without including at least one of his works.

The last and greatest was l'Atalante (1934), butchered for commercial release and, though partially restored, even now unable to be seen exactly as its director intended. He was the epitome of the radical, passionate film-maker who has to fight every step of the way against people of less imagination and sensibility.


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