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Press TV has interviewed Daoud Khairallah professor of law at Georgetown University, Washington, about law and strategy over the Western and Arab arming and training of terrorist groups and terrorist attacks in Syria. What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview. 



Bomb blasts have hit security installations in Syria killing civilians and security forces amid reports of arms smuggled into Syria to equip anti-Assad armed groups.

Press TV: If Damascus has been behind the killing of its people, why would the Syrian people come out in mass in support of the government as we've just seen a few days ago?

Do you think that that would prove to those who perhaps up until this time didn't understand what was going on that the violence is being carried out by outside entities? 

Now, we have the Saudis saying they're arming… we have some reports about the Israelis, other Arab countries and many of the Western countries… your take, sir? 

Khairallah: Actions like the explosions that happened this morning are crimes by any standard. They are crimes by the laws of God and laws of man; crimes in the case of war and in the case of peace; crimes in all circumferences. 

And anyone who justifies sending weapons to Syria is an accomplice; is suspect in this. And there is no way around it. The outcome is that actions like this solidify the position of the government and make the Syrian people support such government regardless of how much they want reform. 

Because if the opposition is a sponsor of actions like this… who would want them to be in power? It is an absolutely stupid act from a strategic standpoint and it's a criminal act from a legal standpoint. 

Press TV: You mentioned what is taking place, for example the bombs that have taken place as not only against God's law, but all international laws; however, what does it mean when the international community seems to be in the hands of a few? 

We did not hear widespread condemnations of what is taking place so what does international law mean if it is not implemented fairly across the board? 

Khairallah: Well, as a student and teacher of international law I'm ashamed to say that it is in very primitive stages in terms of war and peace and in terms of the use of force internationally. Double standards prevail and the law of the jungle prevails and the abuse of the veto powers by five countries and in particularly one country - the US - all this makes a mockery of the rules that are standard behaviour… 

However, the Arab countries could take positions from the international law i.e. from the international law the way it should be and give respect to that law. Unfortunately, they are accomplices and they help the US, the Israelis and those that want to implement a distortion. 

And what is so reckless about positions like the ones who want to introduce arms into Syria - it's not only shortsighted, it's absolutely reckless. Do they think that this game cannot be played the other way around? 

But it seems that the Syrians and the national sources in the Arab world seem to be acting as the mother of the child. Do you think that the Saudi society is immune to acts of terrorism like this? But they don't introduce it because they don't want to create havoc and a civil war across the Arab world - and this would be the dream of Israel. 

There are people who are careful about this and there are others who are absolutely reckless. 

Press TV: Do you think that the UN envoy Kofi Annan will be able to ensure peace in Syria? President Bashar al-Assad said the first step to peace is disarming or stopping these armed groups from creating violence in the country - How do you see it? 

Khairallah: I think if Mr. Annan would behave in a morally autonomous way and put his knowledge of international law, of the UN charter and of justice - international justice simply - he is bound to see several areas where the Syrian regime would be justified in using force against armed groups. 

There is no government in the world that can tolerate another armed group playing havoc inside society, attacking and killing civilians; sabotaging the economy and basically committing crimes left and right. No regime, no government in the world could tolerate that. 

Mar 18, 2012 


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