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1 October 1903, Kiev (Russia) - 5 November 1989, New York (USA) For many the epitome of the 20th-century virtuoso, Horowitz burst on the scene in 1926 in Berlin as “the tornado from the steppes' and never looked back. Married to Wanda Toscanini, Horowitz had an on-again, off-again career driven by his temperament and his explosive pianism which a whole generation of pianists have tried, unsuccessfully, to mimic. There has been and never will be another Horowitz! Many regard the Ukrainian-born American pianist as the greatest piano genius of the 20th century. Horowitz’s musical education began at the age of five in a music-loving home. Gifted but undisciplined, he gradually developed his very own keyboard method, driving his teachers to desperation (and maybe providing early evidence of the tendency to arrogance and egoism for which he was so much criticized later.) Continue: http://www.ourchopin.com/pianists.html#5

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