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Since the BP Macondo well responsible for the largest oil spill in US history was temporarily capped on July 15th,  media attention has been focused elsewhere. But like a cat that can’t  be trusted in the same room with a mouse, BP may have used the closed eyes of the media to hide what Daily Kos Well watchers are calling - a problem. “The Skandi feeds, which have shown the wellhead virtually full time for weeks, are now blank.”

Three days ago, the BP live feed of the wellhead disappeared without explanation. At the same time, reports were beginning to surface that claimed there was practically no oil to be found floating in the Gulf, and that the crisis had been exaggerated. In other words, everything was just fine, even though more than 300 million gallons of oil and 1,8 million gallons of toxic chemical dispersant had been set loose in the Gulf of Mexico.

But the leaky well still has not been permanently sealed by the relief well, and now BP’s talk of using a static kill procedure on Sunday, has mysteriously been postponed until Tuesday, according to NBC News. 

Could the change in the static kill procedure schedule have anything to do with the live video feed inexplicable vanishing  on Wednesday? Industry expert Bob Cavnar says, “Yes.”  According to his sources, the cap on the well is leaking oil into the Gulf again, and BP would rather not let anyone see it.

“I doubt this is some oversight or mechanical malfunction; the feed has been intentionally cut with no explanation.  What's really irritating is that the press is more focused on how the oil is "disappearing" and how many birds have been released than the damn well,” Cavnar said.

When questioned about the disappearance of the BP live video at his briefing this afternoon, Gulf Oil Spill Incident Commander, Thad Allen had no answer. A few hours later, the live feed suddenly returned to reveal the leaking wellhead.


     Below: BP live feed image of chemical oil dispersant being sprayed at riser: July 30, 2010









Days after the containment cap was installed, BP confirmed reports of leaks on the sea floor around the damaged well.

With the damaged riser leaning approimately 15 degrees, questions about the condition of the casing still unanswered, and the relief well reportedly less than 2 weeks away, why would BP take the risk of the total collapse of the well and a sea floor blowout with another top kill procedure, if, as Allen put it today, “All is well with the well.”?

This crisis is not over simply because BP and the media have had little to say about it in recent days. With BP’s reputation for lack of transparency, the less information shared might really mean there is more to be deeply concerned about.

Video below: Incoming BP CEO Bob Dudley says "no oil is leaking," followed by images of oil leaks, and Bob Cavnar's warnings on the risks of the planned static kill procedure.







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